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The year 2020 has been the most incredibly challenging year I have witnessed by far. The numbers 2020 has many positive connotations like vision, clarity, focus, and insight.

As we look back at the road behind us, we can navigate through the journey of this year and see what it truly had to offer. So, I would like to share five great insights of 2020 that transformed my life.

1. Listen to Your Inner Voice

In a world with so many distractions and constant noise, it is easy to get sidetracked by people trying to tell you what to do or discourage you with their opinions.

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As I sit here in front of my laptop with a homemade salad on the right of me and some pineapple mango juice in a champagne glass, yes champagne glass, all I can hear echoing in my head is, “go on honey, take a chance!”

Now before you ask what the hell is he talking, about let me explain.

The quote is from “Coming to America,” a romantic comedy movie starring Eddie Murphy. He plays the role of Prince Akeem, the heir to the throne of Zamunda, who takes a trip to America with his friend Semi played by Arsenio…

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Sounds of our laughter echo throughout the atmosphere,
Two radiant faces side by side,
One is Him, and the other is Her,
Today they united in a traditional sense,
But they know they have always been united in their minds.
So, instead of kissing at the alter,
They chose to do things differently.

He takes his shoes off, and she does the same.
He grabs her hand, and they storm out of the church
And they run as though reliving a moment of their childhood,
You see, they run not from the troubles of the world
But into a world rarely experienced by most.

Calvin Lassiter

New Writer| Poet| Investor| Spiritual Storyteller| Gamer| A terrible student of ACIM

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